who we are


Company Overview

T.C.K. PLASTIC CO.,LTD.  was established  in 1994, with  a  registered capital of    100   Million   Baht.    Located   at   Singburi Province, T.C.K. Plastic is a Board of Investment (BOI) promoted company,   manufacturing plastic products, specializing in Plastic Pallet, by utilization of high-technological production system. The establishment of the factory in Sing Buri has benefited the nearby community   by   providing   employment opportunity and consequently promoting the welfare of their families.


Prospecting the growth potential in HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) Plastic Pallet, which is used extensively in distribution and logistic functions in many industries, we constantly research and develop our products and technology to meet the customers’ needs. Through advance technological know-how and expertise in management, T.C.K. Plastic has grown by leaps and bounds, and became one of the leading manufacturers in plastic pallet industry.


Moreover, with our own mold facility, we also provide technical advisory and design by specialists for customized pallet mold to accommodate each customers’ specific requirements.      


At present, to keep up with economical fluctuations and growing plastic consumption, T.C.K. Plastic continually develop our products to superior quality through advance production technology as well as improve our business operations in order to maximize customer’s satisfaction and expand the distribution channels throughout Asia Pacific. In believe that human resource is the key driver to triumph, providing professional trainings and seminars to improve interpersonal skills and knowledge of own employees are one of the company’s primary concerns. These components will drive T.C.K. Plastic to its prosperity as well as be part of a development force of Thai industrial to the international standard.

Production Process

          For HDPE plastic pallet, Injection Technology is chosen due to its consistent performance in producing uniform, high quality product, which enables us to meet the market demand


HDPE Plastic Pallets

          T.C.K. Plastic pallet prides in high quality, which offer a broad selection of plastic pallet to meet the requirement of every distribution and manufacturing application. Our plastic pallet stands out in their high versatile and superiority, yet economical, this is the distinct advantage over competitor’s product. 

          T.C.K.  Plastic  pallets  have  been  specially  engineered  to  withstand heavy load while being strong, durable and light weighted. Moreover, with HDPE unique characteristics and  T.C.K  own  special formula, our plastic pallets are able to endure the temperature variation of -20 °C to 90 °C.  Considering  the price  and the long life expectancy, coupled with its attractive design and durability, it is obvious that T.C.K. Plastic pallet offers the best material handling solution  to  meet  your needs. With a selection of over 10 pallet  models  and  being one of the largest capacities in the country, T.C.K. Plastic pallet can doubtlessly comply with the demands of our  customers.

For more information, please visit our pallet plastic (www.tckpallet.com)